Stephanie Bruce is a singer, pianist, songwriter, arranger, teacher, and producer who has been making music in a variety of styles for over three decades. Her original compositions draw on several influences including jazz, The Great American Songbook, contemporary Brazilian, sophisticated singer songwriters like Joni Mitchell, blues, folk, pop, and classical. Her arrangements of familiar material are approached with imagination, using adventurous reharmonizations, and fresh rhythmic ideas. Her lyrics cover a wide range of subject matter, from love to elephants, and are carefully crafted, with evocative imagery. As a singer, Stephanie's vocal sound has a multidimensional texture, and her phrasing draws on years of emulating the great vocalists in jazz and pop music. The variety of styles and moods represented in her music is held together with the cohesive thread of Stephanie's personal sound and perspective. Her three Cds are: “The Postcard” (1996), “April in Dogtown” (2002), and “Whispers From the World Next Door” (2011).

"She has everything you look for and appreciate in a musician, a good clear instrument, good pitch, good articulation, range, et all. More importantly for me, she has developed a very personal approach to her music, due in part to the fact that she is also a working composer. She writes. Harmony like a piano player, melodies like a horn player, imagery and lyrics that tell stories... I have yet to see her perform when she hasn't developed noticeably in one way or several, and it keeps going. To see her is always interesting.”
-Glenn Cronkhite (Drummer, composer, recording artist)
“Stephanie resonates her sincerity, passion, and intelligence”
Art Lande (pianist, composer, drummer, recording artist, educator)
“ ...She's unique and extremely talented...the real deal when it comes to creative jazz singing...”
Laurie Antonioli (Director of Vocal Studies at the Jazzschool, singer, recording artist)
“ ...wonderful personal style”
Mark Isham (trumpeter, composer for recordings and film)
Maria Marquez (singer, composer, recording artist, instructor)
RE: Whispers From the World Next Door - “It's by far the most captivating “jazz” vocal album I've heard in years. The lyrics are quite cinematic and at times poetic.”
Edo Castro (bassist, composer, recording artist)
“Interesting compositions and singing from the heart - a great combination.”
Dave Tidball (reed player, composer, educator, recording artist)
Re: April in Dogtown -“...evocative and occasionally whimsical...wonderfully mature vocal quality...comfortable, relaxed groove throughout...makes for great listening...”

Re: The Postcard -“...superb...finely crafted original compositions in the Tin Pan Alley and Brazilian jazz traditions. Her warm alto tones reveal classical training, yet her phrasing is relaxed and unaffected...””
Lee Hildebrand - East Bay Express